White Chocolate Vanilla Cupcakes

I love the simplicity of cupcakes and how they can also become these intricate and complex little pieces of art if you want and have the time. Decorating is the best part of baking, in my opinion. But no matter how pretty a cake or cupcake looks, if it doesn’t taste good, well, I don’t see the point…So having a simple but delicious recipe for cupcakes is a must! And this is just the ticket…


White Chocolate Vanilla Cupcakes


  • 125 grams softened margarine*
  • 125g caster sugar
  • 125g self-raising flour
  • 2 medium eggs – lightly beaten
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 2-3 tablespoons of milk

* Don’t use low fat spreads as they don’t have enough fat content to bake well. Always use margarine for cupcakes as it makes a flatter cupcake (easier to frost and decorate). Also don’t cream sugar and margarine for cupcakes as this also helps to make flatter cupcakes.


  • Take eggs and margarine out of the fridge beforehand so they are at room temperature.
  • Pre-heat oven to 180C.
  • Place all ingredients (except for the milk) into a bowl and blend on high until smooth.
  • Add a little milk to make a smooth dropping consistency.
  • Either place mixture into a piping bag and place nozzle at the base of the cupcake case and squeeze once so it fills halfway; or use two spoons and again only fill the cupcake case halfway.
  • Place in the oven for 12 minutes.
  • Then turn the cupcake tray around and bake for another 8 – 12 minutes depending on the size of the cupcakes and your oven (turning the cake trays half way through the cooking time helps to even out the effects of hot spots in your oven).
  • Take out the oven and let cool completely before frosting. Even little cupcakes retain their inner heat for a while so wait for at least 4 hours, or overnight would be even better.

Ingredients for white chocolate frosting:

  • 100g white chocolate
  • 140g unsalted butter
  • 140g icing sugar, sifted

Method for white chocolate frosting:

  • Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of gently boiling water, or by placing it in a microwave safe bowl and heating it on High for 1½ minutes giving it a good stir at the halfway point. white chocolate has a lower heating temperature than milk or plain chocolate so it scorches very easily. Leave it to cool.
  • In the meantime, beat together the butter and icing sugar in a large bowl until creamy and light.
  • Fold in the chocolate and mix until smooth.
  • This icing can be kept for up to two weeks if covered and chilled in the fridge, but if you’re chilling it, you need to bring it back to room temperature before icing the cakes.

Decorating ideas:

  • As soon as you take out the cupcakes from the oven, cut an “x” into the top of each cupcake and press a small chocolate truffle/ Rolo / any chocolate into the middle. These will then melt into the cupcake. Leave to cool before decorating.
  • Grate white chocolate into little curls, sprinkle onto cupcakes then sift a light dusting of icing sugar.
  • Crush Oreos, Flakes or Maltesers and sprinkle onto cupcakes.
  • Roughly chop up Rolos and throw onto the cupcakes – gives a nice little caramel flavour.


I have made this recipe many times and people always go crazy for the frosting. I love to get creative with the decorating so these guys become real winners on both looks and taste.

(7) (8)

You can see the chocolate truffles stuffed in here (these were a combination of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes)…

(158) (160) (163)


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