Someone who sees magic in reflections, finds joy in creating, feels strength in sharing, hunts for beauty in souls and falls in love with shadows.

Reflective face

A South African living in London (I can’t believe it’s been 9 years already!?!), I am lucky enough to work for a very rewarding charity in HR which makes me feel like I am looking after the wonderful people that are looking after other people that are vulnerable and need help and support.

London Living is pretty special for me: I live with one of my best friends in his super cool flat; I have my incredible sister living in the same city (albeit on the other side of the river which can sometimes feel like another city); I have such a fantastic group of friends, both down the road and out of London; I’ve got my health just about and all in all, my life is pretty wonderful.

Plus I have the added bonus of having out-of-this-world amazing parents who are like my best friends (only down side is how much I miss them on a daily basis!) as well as close family who I have such fun with; and a group of very special friends from school and university back in South Africa with some in other parts of the world.

I love being creative and enjoy baking, writing, drawing, painting, crafts, collages, reading, photography…pretty much anything that uses the right side of the brain. So this blog, while based around baking (and some cooking) might include some of my other passions…

Enjoy My Sugar Tree…

The Sugar Tree


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